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Covid-19 and Business Risk

Covid-19 Business Risk Analysis Platform


Scenarios for Risk Management


Manage your Risks



Review and update your corporate risk register. Check your risks against a comprehensive list of causes of business distress and other risk registers.



Use scenarios to make each risk more specific. The Cambridge suite of scenarios are developed using leading-edge science.



Apply each scenario as a stress test to quantify the ‘Enterprise Value @ Risk’ on the financials of your enterprise



Rank scenarios by their impact and likelihood on a risk matrix. Prioritize the risks that exceed your risk appetite.



Define management actions that will minimize the risks of most concern. Understand the cost-effectiveness of adding resilience to your business.



Routinely check how your key risks are changing, based on data science. Use horizon-scanning to identify emerging risks.

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Cambridge Business Risk Hub

Cambridge Suite of Business Risk Scenarios

Are scenarios part of your company’s risk management planning? Access the suite of business risk scenarios developed through world-class research.

Risk Briefing Videos

Listen to risk experts discuss current business risk topics. Hear from subject matter specialists, guest executives and our research team.

Risk Alerts

Using a risk lens, our analysts evaluate news events. Get insights on the changing risk landscape and implications for business risk management.

Cambridge Taxonomy of Business Risks

See the taxonomy that other global companies have integrated into their risk registers. What risks pose a threat to your business?

Cambridge Risk Publication Library

Research output from Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies providing thought-leadership in risk management science, scenario analysis, and emerging risks.

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Find out why other global companies are using the Cambridge Scenarios to better model their risks. Managing emerging risks using a rigorous scenario-based framework.

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The next decade of risk

How business users are deploying Cambridge Scenarios to prepare for a changing future.


About us

The Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies is a research centre of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The Centre works closely with business partners in tackling complex issues of management science in risk. This policy of deep engagement has enabled the Centre to develop tools and solutions for businesses. The Centre’s leadership combines academic excellence with industry experience.