Find out more about the team at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies and learn about how their experience plays a vital role in empowering businesses to enhance their risk management processes.

Chairman & Executive Director

Michelle Tuveson

Dr Michelle Tuveson is Chairman & Executive Director at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. She brings over twenty years of corporate experience within the technology and consulting sectors to further the development of better risk management for the future.

During Michelle’s tenure, the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies has become a world leading provider of research and thought leadership in scenario-based modelling of multi-disciplinary risks to society and businesses.

Chairing the Centre’s Advisory Board, Michelle also leads the Cambridge Chief Risk Officers Council and is a former IEEE Standards Committee Member on the General Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence. A former advisory board member to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, Michelle has worked in corporations within the technology sector including Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and MITRE Corporation.

Michelle is a frequent commentator and speaker at risk events and roundtables, and her articles have been published in reports such as Banking & Financial Services Policy Report (Wolters Kluwer) and Financial Times Special Report on Risk Management.

Director of Research and Innovation

Simon Ruffle

Simon is a serial entrepreneur of technology businesses. He has expertise in computing environments and data science strategies for developing cloud based risk management applications. Responsible for developing and maintaining partnership relationships with corporations, governments, and other academic centres, Simon speaks regularly at seminars and conferences.

He is developing methods for storing and applying the Centre’s Stress Test Scenarios and other Risk Assessment Tools to macro-economic analysis, financial markets and insurance loss aggregation. He is researching how network theory can be applied to understanding the impact of catastrophes in a globalised world, including supply chains, insurance and banking.

Originally studying architecture at Cambridge, Simon has spent most of his career in industry, developing software for natural hazards risk. He has worked on risk pricing for primary insurers, catastrophe modelling for reinsurers, and has been involved in placing catastrophe bonds in the capital markets.

He has many years of experience in software development, relational databases and geospatial analysis and has worked in a variety of organisations from start-ups to multinationals.

Chief Scientist

Andrew Coburn

Andrew is one of the early stage innovators of the catastrophe modelling industry for insurance. As SVP of RMS from its start up beginnings to its stature as a $450M revenue business, Andrew has helped bring numerous analytics products to market.

One of the leading contributors to the creation of the class of catastrophe models that over the past 20 years, Andrew has come to be an accepted part both of business management in financial services and of public policy making for societal risk.

He has extensive experience in developing models and using them for business decision support. Andrew has also provided research inputs into government policy, such as House of Congress legislation on terrorism risk management policy and urban planning for disaster mitigation in Mexico, Metro Manila, and Southern Italy.

Academic Director

Daniel Ralph

As Chairman and a founder member of Cantab Risk Research, Professor Daniel Ralph works closely with Cantab clients on managing change in their business to mitigate risk.

Danny is an authority on managing risk in business. He has published widely in his capacity as Professor of Operations Research at University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Daniel’s interests in business risk include identification and management of systemic risk, risk aversion in investment, economic equilibria models and optimisation methods. He works on management stress test, via selection and construction of catastrophe scenarios, and specialises in the role and expression of risk management within organisations.

Daniel engages across scientific and social science academia, a variety of commercial and industrial sectors, and government policy making.

Danny was a founder and is Academic Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. He is also a member of the Engineering Department and Fellow of Churchill College at Cambridge University.