Cambridge Cyber Risk Conference 2020: The Cyber Ecosystem

Event Overview

This year’s Cambridge Cyber Risk Conference explored “The Cyber Ecosystem” – how cyber risk inter-connects with influences and consequences within and beyond the technical arena. In this conference we invited participants to explore the drivers of cyber risk for an individual organisation and from broader societal and macroeconomic trends.

The digital economy has been boosted by remote working and changes in retail distribution during the pandemic, and this has forced the global economy to reassess modes of consumption, supply, interaction, security and productivity. We invite participation from a wide variety of specialists and business managers, including cyber security specialists, ethical hackers, academics studying aspects of cyber crime, motivation, and technology, Chief Information Security Officers and their teams, cyber insurance practitioners, and advisors and specialists.

The conference will took place on Thursday 17 September 2020 and is now available to watch on-demand.


Michelle Tuveson

Chairman & Executive Director

Michelle has a consultancy background in client development and management.

Andrew Coburn

Chief Scientist

Andrew is one of the early stage innovators of the catastrophe modelling industry for insurance.

Eireann Leverett

Founder of Concinnity Risks

Eireann is a founder and director of Concinnity Risks, and has published a variety of cyber security and academic cyber risk papers.

Maria Bada

Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Cyber Crime Centre

Dr Maria Bada is a Senior Research Associate at the Cambridge Cyber Crime Centre.

Jennifer Daffron

Research Associate, Centre for Risk Studies

Dr Jennifer Daffron Risk Research Associate at the Centre for Risk Studies, who focuses on modelling the impact of cyber threats on global business and socioeconomics.

Anthony Shapella

Head of Analytics, Global Cyber Team, AIG General Insurance

Anthony has more than 15 years of experience leading risk and analytics teams.

Derek Blum

Senior Director, Product Management, Risk Management Solutions

Derek Blum is a Senior Director, Product Management at Risk Management Solutions.

James Pavur

Doctoral Student, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

James is a hacker at heart, and always interested in the dynamics connecting weird hardware, security, and privacy.

Matt Harrison

Director, Product Management, Cyber, Risk Management Solutions

Prior to his current role, Matt worked at Hiscox for 14 years in a wide variety of specialty cat modeling/exposure management roles.

Kelly Malynn

Senior Risk Manager, Beazley

Kelly is a Senior Risk Manager at Beazley and for the last five years has had a specialist focus on cyber risk and innovation across all classes of business.